Five Earth Month activities to do with your kids!

Below we’ve provided some hands-on activities that you can do with your kids all month to help answer some important questions about the place we all call home – our beautiful, bountiful Planet Earth!

1.    What is nature?

Teach your children how awesome our natural world can be while getting some fresh air and exercise by taking some hikes in the woods! While you are at it, teach your little adventurers about the senses by seeing how many things they can smell, touch, and hear! You can even play some fun “trail games” to keep them entertained.

2.    Why do we need the woods/ ocean/ mountains/ desert?

There are many ways you can teach your kids about why we need to protect our natural resources and the plants and animals that depend on them. There are a number of children’s books about the environment, including those on the book lists here, here and here. Even watching a movie like Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax can help you teach and inspire your child to conserve and protect our precious natural resources. After your book reading and movie watching, have a discussion about what you are already doing and what you could be doing to make a difference. One thing you could do together is plant a tree! They will have fun literally “planting roots,” taking care of it, and watching it grow year after year.

Image source: US FWS

3.    Where does our trash go?

It is easy for kids (and adults) to forget that our trash does not magically disappear once the trash truck drives away. You can use this background on waste management as a jumping off point for some trash talk with your kids. Then, teach them the concepts of reducing, re-using, and recycling through these 15 free hands-on activities.

4.    What do you mean the air can get dirty?

Teaching kids about pollution, including air, land and water pollution, as well as what causes it, and how to help reduce it are all important lessons. After reading this brief background on teaching kids about pollution, one way you can provide a meaningful hands-on learning opportunity is through a neighborhood, park, or beach clean-up. There are often many opportunities to participate in a clean-up during Earth Month so check out your local newspapers, library bulletin boards, or social media and pick one that works well for your family.

5.    Send them some Earth Day Love.

One way to educate, inspire and connect with your little tree hugger from near or far is by sending them a 100% post-consumer recycled greeting through Polliwog Post. If you sign up by April 10th, your child’s first card will be an Earth Day themed Card and sticker pack arriving just in time for Earth Day! Sign up today at!

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